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Targeting Egyptian Female In Oncology

Why W4O in Egypt ?

In spite that the first female chief physician in Egyptian history was Merit-Ptah (c.2700 BC) and the fact that female oncologists constitute more than 50% of the staff members in comprehensive cancer centers. Nevertheless, only 7 to 10% can reach leadership positions as head of department, director, or president of cancer society or organization.

Inspired by the late Dr Nazly Gadelmawla, as pioneer female oncologist in the 70s, and her followers. W4O-Egypt was founded in 2019, but as consequence of the covid-19 pandemic, officially a call for action is established in 2022.

W4O-Egypt is taking the lead, our mission is to empower Egyptian women in various aspects of the oncology profession & to acquire leadership skills career wise as well as in the civil society services (health, political, economic, cultural….)

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To empower Egyptian females in oncology for leadership professional roles.


W4O-Egypt is targeting all Egyptian female oncologists and affiliated specialties in oncology


  1. Continuous career support for women in the field of oncology in Egypt to develop & promote their professional skills Both in academia & research
  2. Empowering female oncologists in all aspects of leadership
  3. To Initiate an effective advocacy group to support female cancer patients & their families in Egypt socially & economically
  4. Organize Cancer Awareness & Preventive Campaigns all over Egypt
  5. Collaboration with civil society NGOs, organizations, societies and institutions that aim to empower women in Egypt
  6. To open channels for collaboration with the regional countries of limited resources facing crisis (Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sudan ….)
  7. To outreach for African countries hosting their female oncologist candidates in the various activities of W4O-Egypt for career development under umbrella of the African Union
  8. To collaborate with similar regional and international organiations


Through Steering Committees with task forces entailing

  • Scientific Activities Steering Committees
    • Education
    • Research platform
    • Young Investigators
    • Clinical Trials planning & guidance
    • Clinical Practice training programs
    • Symposia, hands on workshops, and plenary sessions

  • Acquisition of Skills & Expertise Steering Committees
    • Leadership & mentorship Steering Committee: with a session for W4O-Egypt to be held on a regular base in all scientific, social, cultural and economic events in Egypt, aiming at recognition of the association at national platform
    • AI & Precision medicine Steering Committee
    • IT & Digitalization empowerment Steering Committee
    • Women’s political empowerment Steering Committee
    • Networking & Collaboration Steering Committee : To plan strategy of communication and collaboration with oncology experts and organizations at the national, regional, as well as international levels to exchange knowledge, scientific data, updated info and experience
  • Patient & Family Advocate Group Steering Committees
  • To help supply resources and fund raising through collaboration with national & international organizations such as projects for women by: ministry of social solidarity, national banks, national council for woman (NCW), UN & Arab League chapters for female, in addition to NGOs interested in women equity.
  • Cancer awareness & early detection campaigns Steering Committee
  • Media & Social affairs Steering Committee
  • Fund Raising Steering Committee
  • The steering Committees hierarchy
    • Head of Committee
    • Coordinators
    • Moderators
    • Members


The first female physician in Egyptian history ('Beloved of Ptah') who lived c. 2700 BC toward the end of the Early Dynastic Period.

Is not only the first female doctor known by name 'Chief Physician' but also the first woman mentioned in the study of science.

Her inscription, left by her son was found on a tomb at Saqqara naming her 'Chief Physician' a position which would have made her a teacher and supervisor of males.

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